Lingerie For All Your Festive Wear

Do you have one pair of Bra and Panties to wear every day? No; beyond the fact that it’s unhygienic, it’s not practical.
While you may not wear sexy lingerie every day, is having a couple of lingerie sets unpractical? If you’re monogamous, your man will probably get bored of the same lingerie piece — and more importantly, you also will.

To constantly feel sexy and spice things up in the bedroom, create a lingerie wardrobe.
You can have different themes; for example, have a Cute babydoll lingerie dress for a relaxing night in and a more Va-Voom piece for surprise weekend fun.
Feel free to indulge and splurge on special occasions. Surprise your man by wearing Valentine’s Day lingerie or a Santa-themed piece on Christmas.
You can also choose lingerie pieces by other factors, such as color. While classic black or leopard print is always sexy, you can spice up your wardrobe with Unique lingerie colors such as green or gold.
And who says you should only wear sexy costumes on Halloween? Have a fun sexy nurse or sexy cop role-playing adventures.
Lingerie doesn’t have to be used for sex. Sexy robes and sexy sleepwear will make you feel confident and sexy